Manutention Gérée Par Satellites

Created in 2003 and composed of a team of experts in port computing, MGPS was founded under the MGM group and was bought out in 2013 by TTC Holding.




Taormina Technologies Concepts Holding, with a capital of 902000 €, created in 2014, comprises three companies (MGPS, TTC, TTC Immo et TTC Event -- Expertise, development and real estate).

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Since the 90s, MGPS innovates and imposes itself in the French logistics. Our products have proved their worth and attract many partners as well as some competitiveness clusters in France. Thanks to the confidence they have given us, here are a few words, articles, figures, proof of our success.

The event
that decides


Unlike existing port and logistics management systems, MGPS, through the development of its TOS ISOTOP, has always ensured that the incident does not interfere with work, with pervasive constraints in the logistics business and a significant number of Stakeholders. Our experience in port handling has shown our efficacy.

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Since 1998, and barely after the democratization of GPS, MGPS has installed ISOLOC on the two terminals Marseille and FOS for the supervision of the cargo handling equipment. SINCE today, no containers have ever been lost on the terminals, which has completely eliminated the PARK survey operation (very expensive). MGPS is constantly monitoring the development of its ISOLOC product.

The logistics
that makes
the difference

With the EGEE project, MGPS contributes to the optimization of the supply chain with all its partners, the aim is to eliminate the distortion existing between the partners and to propose a complete solution that creates the virtuous path of the logistic operation, While passing through the security and traceability of the goods.

Reducing costs AND GUARANTEE THE EFFICIENCY, The whole mixed AND FLAWLESS, Human first


For more than 25 years, MGPS has set up and oversaw the development of IT and organizational solutions on port terminals. With the mix of imports / exports, the combination of journeys and the investment guarantee, MGPS has made it possible to reduce costs considerably and has ensured an exceptional efficiency that is not done anywhere else.