• 1987 -

    Implementation of on-board computing in park vehicles.
    Operations Real-time update.
    First Productivity Gains.

  • 1997 -

    From 1987 to 1997 evolution of ISOTOP TOS to version V3 always turned towards the productivity and now towards the optimized management of surfaces in dynamics way(frontal handling).

  • 2000 -

    1997 marks the transition to the straddle carrier and thus a complete mutation of the TOS. At that time, DGPS version 1 was commissioned, focusing on the three fundamentals: resources, surface, productivity.

  • 2007 -

    The TOS has never been as optimizing generator, the arrival of new technologies has done much to that(total WIFI and narrowband abandonment, laser, RFID, OCR to gates with integrated VBS etc.)

  • 2009 -

    For over 10 years the MGPS TOS has been operating and producing excellent results in the fundamental areas that govern the laws of our cargo-handling companies. With this proven experience, we have decided to commercialize this product across borders. The true added value of this product is not to be a TOS like any other, knowing how to respond to all phases of our operations with the most appropriate technologies, but to have taken all the inhibitions of a a terminal manager exploding all the constraints related to human error. Saving time, space and productivity is not just a matter of algorithms, it is above all a matter of common sense, and that is why ISOTOP has become today A reference in this field.

  • 2010 -

    Since 1998 we have created, installed, and evolved this concept on the two terminals of Fos Marseille, without trying to make a product for sale. Today in front of the deadlines that will meet the cargo-handling of and the profound changes that are taking place in the world of the TOS we decided to move to the higher stage. This project is today called ASPECT: Automated Secured Ports for Exploitation, Classification and Traceability.

  • 2013 -

    A new black box called SensorBox, a GPS card, an accelerometer, a card reader and several external communication ports (Device, third-party boxes, software). The ISOLOC software communicating exclusively with the SensorBox is in place on the terminals, EuroFOS and MedEurope Terminal, customers are fully satisfied, we only have good returns.

  • 2014 -

    ISOTOP continues to expand, in 2014, MGPS launched ISOTOP full web, based on new technologies, open source application servers, component based solution. The next step is to rewrite the complete TOS ISOTOP, to support all platforms (application servers, all databases).

  • 2015 -

    ISOLOC now works with other TOS, an interface with Navis is already in place in a French terminal EUROFOS and gives full satisfaction, ISOLOC allows this terminal to continue mixing import / export to save space on the terminal and avoid Any park survey operation (estimated annual savings of 2.8 million € on this operation - Terminal of 600,000 TEUS per year).

  • 2016 -

    The top of the ISOTOP V3 rewrite, a cutting-edge version, mobile applications, more intensive interfaces inputs, the appointment website will experience a revolution too. All this thanks to the EGEE project, which will revolutionize the way logistics are conceived. The rewriting of the TOS will take 2 years, a difficult mission but with the resource in place, know-how and ISOTOP existing deadlines will be respected.


The logical continuity of improvements

With the technical and business background that MGPS teams have acquired through years of experience in the field, the port and the logistics still need improvements in terms of new technologies and operations optimization. MGPS is always attentive to the needs of its customers and ensures that they continuous access to the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

  • More production and optimization with ISOTOP
  • More accuracy and cost savings with ISOLOC
  • More visibility, security and traceability with EGEE
  • Supply chain optimization for all stakeholders through EGEE

MGPS wants to take the place of reference in terms of port logistics and at all levels of the chain and also, becoming a leader in the guarantee of container placements on port terminals, thanks to its system ISOLOC.


  • Cost reduction

    Reduce costs, storage space and ensure the integrity of information and merchandise

  • Security and Traceability

    With the EGEE process, placing the tag on the containers ensures the inviolability and real-time traceability of these containers.

  • Safety Aspect

    With an anti-collision and servo-control product, MGPS offers GPS-based solutions to its ISOLOC customers in order to minimize the accident rate on terminals.



Thanks to the experience of the team which constitutes the MGPS company, logistics is our first job, in front of IT. The solutions that we propose are therefore imagined, conceived and developed by men of field, which gives the success of our products.

  • Interactive Interfaces
  • Products that meet the right requirements
  • Resource Optimization
  • Space Optimization
  • Traceability and integrity
  • Safety first


“ The French and world logistics has evolved a lot in the technical direction since the arrival of the computer, a very good thing, except that the computer distanced between the various players of the chain. We are here to trace the virtuous path between these stakeholders and to make the computer efficient, at the service of the user and in no case the opposite. “
Christian TAORMINA